Xiangjiaba Hydroelectric Dam
The Xiangjiaba Hydorelectric Dam is a large conventional hydroelectric dam on the Jinsha River, a tributary of the Yangtze River in Yunnan Province and Sichuan Province, southwest China. Xiangjiaba Dam is the second largest hydropower project in China after the Three Gorges Dam. As part of a cascade of dams, including the Xiangjiaba, Baihetan, and Wudongde, the Xiluodu seeks to alleviate much of the sedimentation that has been rapidly accumulating behind the Three Gorges. Together with Xiangjiaba, it will generate 12.6 Gigawatts of energy, roughly equal to the Three Gorges's maximum capacity expected in 2015. It will also displace an estimated 180,000 people, mostly from the city of Zhaotong. The Xiangjiaba Dam facility runs on eight turbines, each with a capacity of 800 MW, totalling the generating capacity to 6,400 MW. When completed, it will be the fourth largest dam in China. Construction started on November 26, 2006, and is scheduled for completion in 2015.

Xiangjiaba Dam
Official name 向家坝
Locale Yunnan, China
Construction began 2006-11-26
Opening date 2015
Dam and spillways
Height 161 metres (528 ft)
Impounds Jinsha River
Power station
Turbines 8 × 800MW
Installed capacity 6,400 MW