Sayano–Shushenskaya Dam
The Sayano–Shushenskaya Dam is conventional hydroelectric power plant located on the Yenisei River, near Sayanogorsk in Khakassia, Russia. It is the largest power plant in Russia and the sixth-largest hydroelectric plant in the world, by average power generation. The full legal name of the power plant, OJSC [Open Joint-Stock Society] P. S. Neporozhny Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP [hydro power plant], refers to the Soviet-time Minister of Energy and Electrification Pyotr Neporozhny. The head of the power plant is Valery Kyari.

The Sayano–Shushenskaya hydroelectric power plant is operated by RusHydro. As of 2009, it was the largest power plant in Russia and the world's sixth-largest hydroelectric plant by average power generation. It provides more than a quarter of RusHydro's generation capacity. The plant operated ten type РО-230/833-0-677 hydro turbines manufactured at the Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod, each with a capacity of 640 MW at 194-metre (636 ft) head. The total installed capacity of the plant is 6,400 MW; its average annual production is 23.5 TWh, which peaked in 2006 at 26.8 TWh.

The station's constructions include the dam, a power plant building located near the dam, and an additional spillway which is under construction. The arch-gravity dam is 245.5 metres (805 ft) high. It has a crest length of 1,066 metres (3,497 ft), crest width of 25 metres (82 ft), base width of 105.7 metres (347 ft) and maximum head of 220 metres (720 ft). It consists of a solid left-bank dam 246.1 metres (807 ft) long, a power dam 331.8 metres (1,089 ft) long, a spillway dam 189.6 metres (622 ft) long and a solid right-bank dam 298.5 metres (979 ft) long. It is by far the larger of only two gravity-arch dams in Russia. Water pressure for the dam is approximately 30 million tons, of which 60% is neutralized by the dam's own weight and 40% is carried to rock on the bank

The dam is constructed to "safely" withstand earthquakes up to 8 on the Richter scale, and was recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records for the strongest construction of its type.

The dam supports the Sayano-Shushenskoe Reservoir, with a total capacity of 31.34 km3, useful capacity of 15.34 km3 and surface area of 621 km2 (240 sq mi).

Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam
Locale Sayanogorsk, Khakassia, Russia
Construction began 1961
Opening date 1978
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Arch-gravity dam
Height 246 m (807 ft)
Length 1,066 m (3,497 ft)
Crest width 25 m (82 ft)
Base width 105.7 m (347 ft)
Impounds Yenisei River
Spillway capacity 13,600 m3/s (480,000 cu ft/s)
Creates Sayano-Shushenskoe Reservoir
Capacity 31.3 km3 (7.5 cu mi)
Surface area 621 km2 (240 sq mi)
Power station
Type Yes
Hydraulic head 194 m (636 ft)
Turbines 10 × 640 MW (initial)
03 × 640 MW (current)
Installed capacity 6,400 MW (initial)
1,920 MW (current)
Maximum capacity 2,560 MW
Annual generation 23.5 TWh