The following lists of Largest pumped-storage hydroelectric power stations that are larger than 1,000 MW in current net capacity, which are currently operational or under construction. Those power stations that are smaller than 1,000 MW, and those that are decommissioned or only at a planning/proposal stage may be found in regional lists.

Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Station Country Capacity (MW)
Kannagawa Hydroelectric Power Plant Japan 2,820
Bath County Pumped Storage Station United States 2,772
Guangdong Pumped Storage Plant China 2,400
Huizhou Pumped Storage Power Plant China 2,400
Dniester Pumped Storage Power Station U/C Ukraine 2,268
Okutataragi Pumped Storage Power Plant Japan 1,932
Ludington Pumped Storage Power Plant United States 1,872
Tianhuangping Pumped Storage Power Plant China 1,836
Zhuhai Pumped Storage Station China 1,800
Dinorwig Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric Plant United Kingdom 1,728
Mingtan Dam Hydroelectric Power Taiwan 1,602
Kazunogawa Dam Japan 1,600
Kruonis Pumped Storage Plant Lithuania 1,600
Castaic Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Plant United States 1,566
Raccoon Mountain Pumped-Storage Plant United States 1,530
Tumut 3 Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Australia 1,500
Pyramid Lake United States 1,495
Tashlyk Hydro-Accumulating Power Station Ukraine 1,494
Mount Elbert United States 1,412
Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme South Africa 1,332
Shin Takasegawa Pumped Storage Station Japan 1,280
Bailianhe Hydroelectric Station China 1,224
Okuyoshino Pumped Storage Power Station Japan 1,206
Baoquan Pumped Hydroelectric Station China 1,200
Heimifeng Pumped Storage Power Station China 1,200
Helms Pumped Storage Project United States 1,200
Huhhot Dam China 1,200
Matanoagawa Pumped Storage Station Japan 1,200
Pushihe Pumped Storage Power Station China 1,200
Tamahara Pumped Storage Power Station Japan 1,200
Tongbai Pumped Storage Station China 1,200
Xianyou Pumped-storage Power Station China 1,200
Xilongchi Pumped Storage Power Station China 1,200
Zagorsk Pumped Storage Plant Russia 1,200/1,320
Chiotas Dam Italy 1,184
Coo Hydroelectric Power Station(fr) Belgium 1,164
Siah Bisheh Hydroelectric Dam Iran 1,140
Shintoyone Dam Japan 1,125
Vianden Pumped Storage Plant Luxembourg 1,100
Northfield Mountain Pumped-Storage Hydroelectricity United States 1,080
Muddy Run Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity United States 1,071
Grand Maison Dam France 1,070
Bad Creek Hydroelectric Station United States 1,065
Goldisthal Hydroelectric Power Station Germany 1,060
Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Storage Power Project United States 1,057
Imaichi Dam Japan 1,050
Markersbach Dam Germany 1,050
Rocky Mountain Hydroelectric Plant United States 1,046
Lago Delio Hydroelectric Station Italy 1,040
Piastra Edolo Pumped Storage Station Italy 1,020
Drakensberg Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity South Africa 1,000
Liyang Hydroelectric Power Station China 1,000
Minghu Dam Taiwan 1,000
Presenzano Pumped Storage Power Station Italy 1,000
Taian Pumped Storage Power Station China 1,000
Tehri Dam Pumped Storage Phydroelectriciy India 1,000
Xiangshuijian Pumped Storage Station China 1,000
Yangyang Pumped Storage Power Station South Korea 1,000
Yixing Pumped Storage Power Station China 1,000
Zhanghewan Pumped Storage Station China 1,000
Smith Mountain Dam United States 656