The Xiluodu Hydroelectric Dam is a conventional hydroelectric dam project on the Jinsha River, i.e. the upper course of the Yangtze River in China. In early 2005, the Chinese government halted the construction due to lack of environmental impact studies. Later, construction was restarted. If completed, the Xiluodu Dam will be the third tallest dam in the world and a key component of the Jinsha project. The total generating capacity will be 13,860 MW.

The dam site is located near Xiluodu Town, the county seat of Yunnan's Yongshan County. The other side of the river is in Sichuan's Leibo County.

Xiluodu Dam
Official name 溪洛渡大坝
Locale Xiuodu Town, Yongshan County, Yunnan, China
Construction began 2005
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Double-curvature arch, concrete
Height 278 metres (912 ft)
Length 700 metres (2,297 ft)
Impounds Jinsha River
Type of spillway 7 x crest floodgates, 5 x tunnels
Creates Xiluodu Reservoir
Capacity 12,670,000,000 cubic metres (4.47436827361×1011 cu ft)[1]
Power station
Turbines 18
Installed capacity 0
Maximum capacity 13,860 MW
Annual generation 64 TWh