Tumut 3 Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant has 6 turbines, with a generating capacity of 1,500MW of electricity.

The power station was completed in 1973, and has 150.9 metres rated head. It was the first hydroelectric power station in NSW to employ pumped storage. At the moment (july 2009) there is major upgrade project going on in Tumut 3. Project will involve the replacement of the runner in each generator, a major overhaul of the plant, an upgrade of the electrical controls and protection, repainting and routine maintenance while each turbine generator is out of service.

Tumut 3 Pumped Storage Station
Locale Snowy Mountains Scheme, New South Wales
Commission date 1973
Owner(s) Snowy Hydro Limited

Power station information
Primary fuel Hydropower
Generation units 6

Power generation information
Maximum capacity 1,500 MW