The Mingtan Dam Hydroelectric Power Plant spans the Shuili River about 4 km (2.5 mi) downstream from the outlet of Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan. About 61.5 m (202 ft) high, the dam was completed in 1990. It forms Minghu Reservoir which is the lower reservoir for the Minghu Pumped-Storage Project. During high power demand, water used for power generation from Sun Moon Lake fills Minghu Reservoir, while during low demand, the water is pumped back upstream. This system can generate up to 1,600 MW at peak production.

During the 921 Earthquake, a magnitude 7.2, Mingtan was one of eight dams that sustained damage, but did not collapse.
Mingtan Dam
Official name 明潭壩
Locale Taiwan
Opening date 1990
Dam and spillways
Height 61.5 m (202 ft)
Impounds Shuili River
Creates Ming Hu
Power station
Type Yes
Installed capacity 1,600 MW