The Xingó Dam is a concrete face rock-fill dam on the São Francisco River on the border of Alagoas and Sergipe, near Piranhas, Brazil. The dam was built for navigation, water supply and hydroelectric power generation as it supports a 3,162 MW power station. Xingó Dam Hydroelectric Power Plant was constructed between 1987 and 1994 and the last of its generators was commissioned in 1997.

The Xingó Dam's power station is directly southwest of the dam and is 240.75 m (789.9 ft) long, 59 m (194 ft) high and 27 m (89 ft) wide. It was designed by Promon and contains 6 x 527 MW Francis turbines that were manufactured by Siemens. The Xingó Dam Hydroelectric Power Plant also is designed to accommodate another four identical generators that if installed would bring its installed capacity to 5,270 MW.

Studies for the Xingó Dam were done in the 1950s and contracts for construction were not awarded until 1982. Construction on the dam began in March 1987 but stopped in September 1988 because a debt crisis stalled funding. Construction commenced again in 1990 and by 1994, the dam was complete. On June 10, 1994, the dam began to impound the river as its reservoir began to fill. On November 15 of that year, the reservoir reached its maximum level of 130m. The power station's first generator was commissioned in December 1994, the next two in 1995, two more in 1996 and the final generator in August 1997.

The Xingó is a 830 m (2,720 ft) long and 140 m (460 ft) high concrete face rock-fill dam. It contains five zones of 12,900,000 m3 (16,900,000 cu yd) of fill, mostly granite. Four saddles dams (dikes) are also used to support the reservoir. Directly northeast of the dam is its spillway with 12 floodgates and a maximum capacity of 33,000 m3/s (1,200,000 cu ft/s). The dam supports a reservoir with a 3.8 km3 (0.91 cu mi) capacity, surface area of 60 km2 (23 sq mi) and catchment area of 630,000 km2 (240,000 sq mi).

Xingó Dam
Coordinates 9°37′14″S 37°47′34″W / 9.62056°S 37.79278°W / -9.62056; -37.79278Coordinates: 9°37′14″S 37°47′34″W / 9.62056°S 37.79278°W / -9.62056; -37.79278
Official name Hidroelétrica de Xingó
Impounds São Francisco River
Locale Near Piranhas on border of Alagoas and Sergipe, Brazil
Type Concrete face, rock-fill
Length 830 m (2,720 ft)
Height 140 m (460 ft)
Volume 12,900,000 m3 (16,900,000 cu yd)
Type of spillway Service, gate-controlled
Discharge capacity of spillway 33,000 m3/s (1,200,000 cu ft/s)
Construction began 1987
Opening date 1994
Dam owner(s) CHESF
Reservoir information
Creates Xingó Reservoir
Capacity 3.8 km3 (0.91 cu mi)
Catchment area 630,000 km2 (240,000 sq mi)
Surface area 60 km2 (23 sq mi)
Power generation information
Turbines 6 x 527 MW Francis turbines
Installed capacity 3,162 MW
Conventional Yes
Power plant commissioning date 1994-1997