Dagangshan Dam
The Dagangshan Dam is an under construction arch dam on the Dadu River near the village of Dagangshan in Sichuan Province, China. The dam will house a hydroelectric power station with 4 x 650 MW generators for a total installed capacity of 2,600 MW. Construction on the dam began in 2008 and the power plant in 2010, the first generator is expected to be online by 2015 and the entire project complete by 2016.

Dagangshan Dam
Country China
Location Sichuan Province
Status Under construction
Construction began 2008
Opening date 2012 (est.)
Owner(s) Dadu Hydropower Development Co., Ltd
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Arch
Height 210 metres (689 ft)
Length 610 metres (2,001 ft)
Crest width 10 metres (33 ft)
Base width 52 metres (171 ft)
Impounds Dadu River
Creates Dagangshan Reservoir
Capacity 724,000,000 cubic metres (586,956 acre·ft)
Max. water depth 205 metres (673 ft) (avg.)
Power station
Commission date 2015-2016 (est.)
Turbines 4 x 650 MW
Installed capacity 2,600 MW
Annual generation 11.43 billion kWh