Boguchany Dam
The Boguchany Dam is a large hydroelectric dam currently under construction on the Angara River in Kodinsk, Russia. The Boguchany Dam is a 2,587 m (8,488 ft) long gravity dam, which includes reinforced concrete 774 m (2,539 ft) long segment for power station building and temporal ship lock. The power station will consist of nine turbines with a capacity of 330 MW each. It will generate 17.6 TWh of electricity per year. Turbines are manufactured by Power Machines. The power station is built by and will be owned and operated by OAO Boguchanskaya GES, a joint venture of RusHydro and Rusal. The energy from the plant will be used, among others, by a large Boguchany Aluminium Smelter (to be launched in 2013).

Boguchany Dam
Official name Богучанская ГЭС
Location Kodinsk, Russia
Construction began 1974
Opening date 2011
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Gravity dam
Height 79 m (259 ft)
Length 2,587 m (8,488 ft)
Crest width 20 m (66 ft)
Base width 212 m (696 ft)
Impounds Angara River
Creates Boguchany Reservoir
Capacity 1,612,000,000 m3 (5.69×1010 cu ft)
Power station
Turbines 9 × 330 MW
Installed capacity 2,970 MW
Annual generation 17.6 TWh