Jinping-I Hydroelectric Power Plant
The Jinping-I Hydropower Station or Jinping-I Dam, Jinping 1st Cascade or Jinping No.1 Hydraulic Power Station is a large hydroelectric project on the "Jinping Bend" of the Yalong River (Yalong Jjiang) in Sichuan, China. Construction on the project began in 2005 and when complete, it will have a 3600 MW capacity to produce between 16 and 18 TW·h (billion kW·h) annually. Supplying the power station will be a reservoir created by a 305 m tall arch dam, soon to be the tallest in the world. The project's objective is to supply energy for expanding industrialization and urbanization, improve flood protection, and prevent erosion.

The Jinping 1 power station is on the border of the Yanyuan and Muli districts in the autonomous Liangshan Yi area of the Sichuan province. The Yalong River, which the dam will control, is the largest tributary of the Jinsha. For the project, approximately 7,500 inhabitants will be relocated.

The Jinping 1 power station will be supplied with water from a 7.7 billion m3 reservoir created by a 305m tall, 568m long thin double-curvature arch dam made of 7.4 million m3 of material. The power station will contain six 600 MW Francis turbines. Water discharged from the power station can then be diverted by the Jinping 2 Dam to the Jinping 2 Hydropower Station.
Official name Jinping-I Hydropower Station
Locale Sichuan, China
Construction began 2005
Opening date 2014
Dam and spillways
Height 305 m (1,001 ft)
Length 568 m (1,864 ft)
Impounds Yalong River
Creates Jinping-I Reservoir
Capacity 7,700,000,000 m3 (6,200,000 acre·ft)
Catchment area 102,560 km2 (39,600 sq mi)
Surface area 82 km2 (32 sq mi)
Power station
Turbines 6 × 600MW
Installed capacity 3,600 MW
Annual generation 16-18 TWh