Mesen Tidal Power Plant is a tidal power plant in Bay Mezenski White Sea , Arkhangelsk region. It is planned that the station will have a capacity of 8 GW and its annual output of electricity will amount to 38.9 billion kWh. Where to stay in TEC Mezen Bay selected because of the large high tides, which here reaches 10 m.

Project to build Mezenskaya Tidal Power Plant began in the Soviet Union, however, due to the collapse of the country and shortage of funds the project frozen. Work on it has resumed after the reorganization of RAO UES.

Development leads JSC Malaya Mesen TEC, a subsidiary of RusHydro. The project is at feasibility stage of development investments (stage "Rationale for the alignment).

In late 2008, the decision of the parent company, the work had been suspended due to reduction of investment costs.

In 2006, the project "Small Mesen PES. Within its framework has been developed prototype floating block on which the orthogonal hydroelectric RSA-5 (the rotation axis is perpendicular to the flow of the turbine). Installed capacity of 1.5 MW unit, the diameter of the impeller is 5 m. The block was made ​​to "ON" Sevmash ", and was then towed to the Barents Sea and is set for Kislogubskaya PES . At present (2009) maintained its full-scale tests.

Of a set of blocks of similar design is planned to create a large DOS (including Mezenskaya).

Electricity is expected to send in Western Europe by the ECO "East-West".

In the case of construction of the station annual fuel savings is estimated at 12.6 million tons of standard fuel , which will prevent the emission into the atmosphere of about 19.45 million tons of carbon dioxide.