The Kislaya Guba Tidal Power Plant is an experimental project in Kislaya Guba, Russia.

The Kislaya Guba Tidal Power is the world's 4th largest tidal power plant with the output capacity of 1.7 MW. Construction on the project began in 1968, but was later suspended for 10 years until December 2004, when funding resumed. The site was originally chosen because the long and deep fjord had a fairly narrow outlet to the sea which could easily be dammed for the project. There are plans for two larger scale projects based on this design near Mezen, on the White Sea and Tugur on the Sea of Okhotsk.
Kislaya Guba Tidal Power Station
Country Russia
Locale Kislaya Guba
Status Operational
Commission date 1968
Owner(s) RusHydro

Power station information
Primary fuel Tide
Generation units 1 × 0.2 MW
1 × 1.5 MW

Power generation information
Installed capacity 1.7 MW