The Incheon Tidal Power Plant Project is a large tidal power station currently proposed to be built at the Incheon Bay, South Korea. The facility is expected to top 1,320 MW in generating capacity with the help of 44 water turbines rated at 30 MW each, making this facility one of the largest of it kind in the world. The construction and developments costs are expected to reach 3.9 trillion (US$3.4 billion), of which would be entirely covered by private funding. The stations is expected to generate up to 2.41 TWh of energy annually upon its completion in June 2017.
Incheon Tidal Power Station
Country South Korea
Locale Incheon Bay
Status Proposed
Commission date June 2017

Power station information
Primary fuel Tide
Generation units 44 × 30MW

Power generation information
Installed capacity 1,320 MW
Annual generation 2.41 TWh