The Masjed Soleyman Hydroelectric Dam previously named "Godar-e Landar" is Hydroelectric power plant in Iran on the Karun river. It is about 164 metres (538 ft) high and generates 2,000 MW of power, and its reservoir holds 228,000,000 cubic metres (185,000 acre·ft) of water. The dam is a rockfill structure with a clay core built for the Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co. The hydroelectric dam was named after the town of Masjed-Soleyman, about 25 kilometres (16 mi) away. The spillway gates are believed to be the largest of their kind in the world.

Masjed Soleyman Dam
Locale Masjed-Soleyman, Iran
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Rockfill dam
Height 164 m (538 ft)
Length 480 m (1,570 ft)
Impounds Karun River
Spillway capacity 21,700 m3/s (770,000 cu ft/s)
Capacity 228,000,000 m3 (8.1×109 cu ft)
Catchment area 27,548 km2 (10,636 sq mi)
Power station
Installed capacity 1,000 MW
Maximum capacity 2,000 MW
Annual generation 3,700 GWh