Longtan Hydroelectric Dam is a large roller-compacted concrete (RCC) gravity dam on the Hongshui River, China, a tributary of the Xi River and the Pearl River. The dam, will be 216.2 m (709.3 ft) when completed.

The attached ship lift is said to be the fastest in the world. The facility is located in Tian'e County of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, not far from the border with Guizhou. The dam's first of three operational hydroelectric generating units was testing May 2007. When completed, in 2009, Longtan Hydroelectric Power Plant has nine turbines will have a total generating capacity of 6,426 MW, and is expected to generate 18.7 TWh of electricity annually.

Geographical Data
Coordinates 25°01′38″N 107°02′51″E / 25.02722°N 107.0475°E / 25.02722; 107.0475Coordinates: 25°01′38″N 107°02′51″E / 25.02722°N 107.0475°E / 25.02722; 107.0475
Impounds Hongshui River
Locale Tian'e County, Guangxi, China
Type Gravity dam
Height 216.2 m (709 ft)
Construction began 1990
Opening date 2009
Construction cost US$4.2 billion
Power generation information
Turbines 9 × 714 MW
Installed capacity 6,426 MW
Annual generation 18.7 TWh